Themed song writing retreats for all

This Is Our Story

Shelly Poole and Paul Statham are multi platinum award winning songwriters with an established record of curating and running globally renowned songwriting retreats. “We love to share our passion and commitment to the art of songwriting in all its forms from the avant garde to contemporary pop. We will write in small focused groups with varied themes from nature as narrative to pop hooks via dark murder ballads!
We are looking forward to being a part of your musical journey.” Songwriting is like a safe haven for your thoughts and feelings, a place where you can put your heart into words and melodies. It’s a way to let out emotions that might be otherwise hard to express . When you write it’s therapeutic , you can find clarity in the chaos . The process of creating something beautiful out of your thoughts can be incredibly empowering, boosting your confidence and reminding you of your uniqueness. In those moments, it’s just you and the music, a form of self-care that’s both freeing and healing.

Why Collaborate

When songwriters collaborate, they bring diverse strengths to table, pushing each other to reach new heights. It’s the back-and-forth, the give-and-take, that sparks innovation and makes you challenge your default . It also means lyricists with less musical knowledge , melody writers with little production technique , or producers with no songs can get their work across the line .

With combined sales of over 40 million albums and 100’s of millions streams Shelly and Paul are committed to curating creative and inclusive workshops and retreats and will be involved in the journey of the song from its inception to its initial performance!